Relatives Say Shooting Victim Suffered From Terminal Cancer

Investigators work inside a garage that was the scene of a fatal officer-involved shooting Monday night.
Family members of a Menifee man shot and killed by Sheriff's deputies Monday night said the victim had recently found out he had terminal cancer.

Mickey Larragoitiy (seen here in photos from his Facebook page) was despondent after receiving the news and possibly suicidal, said his brother, David, today as he stood outside yellow police tape marking off the scene of the investigation at 28184 Winged Foot Drive. David said family members became concerned for Mickey's welfare and called police with a request to check on him.

According to a news release from the Sheriff's Department, the man -- still unnamed in police documents -- was located in a garage at the residence. Police said he refused offers of assistance and pointed a handgun at officers, resulting in an officer-involved shooting.

Larragoitiy, 58, died at the scene. Because it is an ongoing investigation, police are not releasing any further details about the shooting. But the victim's family members questioned the number of shots fired at Larragoitiy, which his son Jason described as being anywhere from 10 to 12 rounds, based on accounts from neighbors.

"One neighbor said it was at least five rounds," Jason Larragoitiy said. "Another person we talked to said it was 10 to 12. The neighbor next door said it sounded like a machine gun, there were so many shots fired."

David Larragoitiy said it was his understanding that his brother was sitting in a chair in the garage and was holding a BB gun when police arrived.

"I can understand the police's position when there's someone with a gun, but the number of shots ... that literally is overkill," he said. "Mickey needed someone to talk to. That's all that needed to happen. I just think they could've talked him out of it."

Jason Larragoitiy said his father lived alone but that the man's mother lived right across the street.

"I knew he had some problems," Jason said. "Dad was calling me recently and his texts didn't really make sense. He had just found out he was terminal and obviously was very upset."

John McCalley, Mickey Larragoitiy's landlord, said Mickey was very involved with the community through neighborhood watch efforts.

"Mickey was a very sensitive guy," McCalley said. "He had some trouble in the past, but he was a good guy who was very involved in the community. There were those who didn't like him, but that was because he called and reported a lot of things to the police."

Many Menifee police officers knew him from his community involvement, another family member said.

"They know Mickey," she said. "That's what baffles us."

The scene of the shooting remained blocked off this afternoon as the investigation continued.


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