Local LDS Youth Clean Up Vacant Lots in Service Project

About 150 youth from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints took part in a clean-up of several lots throughout Perris Friday as part of their annual Youth Conference.

The service project included young men and women from LDS wards in the Menifee Stake. It was part of a weekend that also included fellowship, scripture study and other activities.

Youth threw away trash and cleared brush at several locations where homeless people had camped in the past. Several young men even carried away an old bathtub that was partially buried on one of the properties.

"It's kind of interesting," said Michael Gray, Menifee Stake President. "The kids are concerned about where the homeless people are going to live.  They asked where they go, if this is their home. If they come back here, at least they're coming back to a clean place.

"The kids felt a great sense of accomplishment, like they are really helping.  It’s neat hearing the comments of other people, talking about how motivated the kids are. They’re working hard and they’re way ahead of the schedule."

Many of these youth will also take part in the "Menifee Better Together" project April 26, when members of several churches and volunteer groups will clean up parks and yards of shut-in families.


  1. Thank You LDS church for your efforts to clean up our vacant lots. Thank You!!!!


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