Counterfeit Goods Seized, 7 Arrests Made at Local Swap Meet

Seven arrests were made and $150,000 worth of counterfeit goods were seized Sunday by officers representing the Riverside County District Attorney's office and other agencies at a swap meet in Winchester.

The arrests and seizures were made at swap meet held routinely at the corner of Winchester and Newport Roads. Two of the seven people were arrested on suspicion of selling counterfeit marks and the other five on suspicion of selling counterfeit recording or audiovisual work, according to the DA's office.

Included in the seized counterfeit items were about 30 fake handbags, a pair of Chanel sunglasses, one Burberry belt, about 20 sports jerseys, several hundred cell phone and tablet cases, about a dozen Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and more than 4,000 CDs and DVDs.

"This type of fraudulent activity has a serious impact on our economy and cheats honest merchants out of their hard-earned money," said District Attorney Paul Zellerbach.

The operation also included environmental health enforcement during which 14 people were issued misdemeanor citations for operating a food facility without a permit and other health code violations. An estimated 2,500 pounds of potentially hazardous food was destroyed.


  1. You guys made a good job to keep those people out of the busines its good to know our Police agencies are working hard