Car Crashes Through Oasis Exit Gate, Lands on 215 Freeway

Car parts are scattered along the west side of Antelope Road where a car crashed through a fence and onto the northbound lanes of Interstate 215 this morning.
A man was hospitalized today after the car he was driving sped out of control through an exit gate at the Oasis senior community, through a fence bordering Interstate 215 and rolled onto its roof in the northbound lanes of the freeway.

According to witnesses, the driver was removed from the vehicle as traffic stopped on the freeway. He was seen sitting on the side of the freeway before being taken to a local hospital by ambulance, according to a security guard working the west gate at Oasis.

California Highway Patrol initially reported a car on its roof with a person trapped inside. It later reported the freeway cleared. There are no further reports from the CHP or Menifee Police at this time.

"I heard a loud boom," said Robin Hett, who was working the Oasis main gate. "I looked out and saw a car that was really smoking, coming through the exit. It definitely looked like it was out of control. Then it went across the street, over the embankment and onto the freeway.

"There was so much smoke I couldn't see for sure, but it sounded like another car made impact with it. Then I called 911."

The iron security gate on the exit side of the Oasis guard station was flattened, showing signs of major impact. There were car parts scattered on the embankment on the far side of Antelope Road. Beyond that, a portion of the fence bordering the freeway was down. A tow truck was removing a single vehicle from the scene.

Authorities have not identified the man nor given any information about his condition. There is no information about any other vehicles being involved.

Passing motorists were trying to help remove the man from the car when emergency crews arrived, said Tori Naranjo, who was driving southbound on Antelope moments after the crash.

"I saw no traffic on the freeway as I came down the street," she said. "Then I noticed traffic stopped and a car sitting on its roof. The good thing was, it appears traffic came to a standtill quick enough that there were no other crashes."


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