Fundraiser Set for Menifee Woman With Cancer, Lyme Disease

Friends, family and supporters of a Menifee woman stricken with cancer and Lyme Disease and facing huge medical bills have organized a garage sale and fundraising event for Sunday, March 23.

Kim Jordan has been unable to work for four years while fighting Lyme Disease, which she believes she contracted from a mosquito bite. She also has been diagnosed with ovarian and colon cancer. Her husband is disabled because of injuries suffered in Iraq. Many insurance companies have labeled Kim's treatment as unorthodox and pay very little. Her family has had to pay out of pocket for her medications, which cost $3,000 per week, according to family friend Stephanie Lynn.

Lynn has created a gofundme web page to collect donations for the family. The March 23 fundraiser will also help with the mounting medical costs.

The event will take place all day March 23 at 29450 Longleaf Street in Menifee. If anyone has items such as furniture, clothes, toys, electronics, etc. that they could donate to the garage sale to raise funds for Kim's cause, contact Stephanie Marie Lynn or Kim Jordan at


  1. Good luck Kim, suffering both cancer AND Lyme Disease must be so difficult, especially as the world still believes you can only get Lyme via a tick bite, and in an acute form that is cured with 2-4 weeks antibiotics. They seem to refuse to believe the transmission methods and virulence of this epidemic, so I do hope enough money can be raised to help you xx