Dr. Ruth Bol Adds Adult Treatment at Kalm, The Dental Oasis

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As its name implies, The Children's Dental Practice provides specialized dental care for young people. But lest you think they care only about the little ones, here's a look at the expanded services now being offered at the CDP office here in Menifee.

Adult services are now provided at the center through Kalm, The Dental Oasis. This branch of the company provides dental therapy for adults, using a variety of techniques designed to maximize comfort of the patient.

In addition to sedation dentistry, the Kalm facility offers Botox treatments to address both pain issues and reverse the effects of aging. Botox injections every three to four months can effectively treat the pain of TMJ (pain in the jaw joint) and migraine headaches.

"A lot of people are under stress," said Dr. Ruth Bol, who owns both The Children's Dental Practice and Kalm, The Dental Oasis. "This part of the practice is for adults who want dental treatment with comfort.

"Because a lot of people grind their teeth, there is pain and related problems. We do therapy using Botox. This causes that muscle to slow, so over time people break that habit because they're not using that muscle anymore."

Dr. Bol said this relatively new but popular technology offers a comfortable alternative to traditional forms of treatment for TMJ, such as the wearing of an oclusal guard in the mouth at nighttime.

"We believe this is a better method of treatment," she said. "The protein in the Botox stops the muscles from moving. After three or four days, the muscles slowly atrophy in that area. Within two weeks, the patient feels the full effect."

It is estimated that 75 percent of the U.S. population suffers from TMJ or similar symptoms at some point. This type of treatment has been highlighted in the media, including a segment on the television show "The Doctors."

Dr. Bol said the opening of Kalm, The Dental Oasis is due in part to requests from the parents of her juvenile patients for adult treatment.

In addition to the dental benefits and positive cosmetic effects of Botox, Dr. Bol uses a level of sedation that is tailored to the patient's level of comfort. The spa also offers premium TV with headsets to ensure a first-class experience.

"Not many dentists offer sedation these days," Dr. Bol said. "Here, we do everything to make dental treatment a comfortable experience for adults as well as children. We offer crowns, cleaning, and all kinds of treatments for people who want the most in comfort."

Kalm, The Dental Oasis is decorated in an American Indian theme unlike any you will see in another dentist's office. The environment contributes to the patient's ability to relax during procedures.

The pain of migraine headaches can be relieved by a Botox injection at the hairline in the back of the head. Soon, additional forms of therapy will include massage.

In order to handle the increased demand by patients, Dr. Bol is seeking a new building for her expanded services. She hopes to have it open by December.

Meanwhile, patients are encouraged to visit Kalm, The Dental Oasis in The Children's Dental Practices offices. For more information, visit the new company website.

27180 Newport, Suite 3
Menifee, California 92584

Phone: (951) 301-9111
Website: kalmdentaloasis.com

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