Cub Scout Pack 444 Members Receive Arrow of Light Awards

Members of Cub Scout Pack 444 received their Arrow of Light awards during a ceremony last week.
Members of Menifee Cub Scout Pack 444 received the Arrow of Light award as they advanced to the rank of Boy Scout in the pack's Blue & Gold Banquet Jan. 29 at the Masonic Lodge in Sun City.

The scouts participated in the "crossing the bridge" ceremony to become Boy Scouts. They also performed skits and took part in an ice cream sundae competition, judged by City Council members Wallace Edgerton, Tom Fuhrman and John Denver.

A silent auction was held to help raise funds needed to send Cub Scouts to camp.

Arrow of Light award recipients included:

Nathan Carrillo
Nick Kartheiser
William Reeves
Ashtin Vonmoos
Jaden Colbert
Javon Colbert
Trey Hunter
Austin Detmer
William Jones
Paulie McElearney
Kyle O'Brien
Travis Cobb
Adrian Montes
Eric Bonnes

From left: City Council members John Denver, Tom Fuhrman and Wallace Edgerton joined Cub Scouts in an ice cream sundae competition.


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