City of Menifee Announces Road Closures, Flooding Info

News release from the City of Menifee regarding road closures due to storm and flooding:

The following roads are closed due to flooding and unsafe conditions:

Encanto Road from Chandel to Rouse roads will be closed most of the day

Palomar Road South of Highway 74 will be closed most of the day

Ethanac Road west of Palomar Road

Mathews Road at Menifee Road

In addition, the following areas have heavy flooding and are on watch with the possibility of closure:

Highway 74 at the corner of Briggs Road

Highway 74 at the corner of Menifee Road

Menifee Road north of Highway 74

Menifee Road south of Biscayne to the railroad tracks

Palomar Road at Matthews Road

Highway 74 west of Palomar Road—flooded with debris from fields

If you are experiencing eminent or active flooding inside of your residence, dial 9-1-1.
Nearly half of all flash-flood fatalities are vehicle related. Motorists are urged not to drive through flooded areas. If drivers come across a flooded area they should stop, turn the car around and take another route: TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!


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