Children's Dental Practice Pays Tribute to Working Mother

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When she moved to Menifee nearly five years ago with her husband and children, Jill Corrales had no idea what kind of dentistry care she would find. A former dental tech in the Navy, she knew only that she wanted a dentist who combined excellent dental care with compassion.

Jill says she found that at the Children’s Dental Practice, where Dr. Ruth Bol and her staff care not only for the Corrales children’s dental health, but their emotional welfare as well. With her caring attitude and the pet therapy she uses with her dog Deogy, Dr. Bol employs methods Jill can appreciate.

“I think she’s awesome,” Jill said about Dr. Bol. “Her concept of pet therapy is what drew me to her business. I had never heard of that kind of therapy for kids. My 6-year-old loves to go to the dentist now.”

With Deogy sitting in the chair next to them, Jill’s children find dental visits to be an ejoyable experience. And with the support of a mother like Jill, they are well taken care of at all times.

In addition to her duties as a supply tech at the Navy yards in San Diego and her role as a wife and mother of four, Jill is pursuing her PhD degree in psychology. She has previous work experience in the area and is hoping to use that degree to work in the medical service corps.

“I’ve worked as a mental health counselor,” she said. “When we were in Hawaii, I was a student counselor at a medical assistant school. And when we were in Pittsburgh, I worked for a Family Focus program. That’s the kind of work I want to do.”

That kind of dedication is what is most admired by Dr. Bol as she strives to provide service to others who are similarly dedicated. The staff of the Children’s Dental Practice consider people like Jill Corrales a role model for others.

“In today’s society, a family has to have two incomes,” said Jill, brushing aside the praise. “It has become more acceptable for the mom to be in the workforce. It just requires time management.

“When I was working on the ship, I had no time for anything. Now that I’m on shore duty, it’s more like a 9-to-5 job. I can work toward that degree in the health care field.”

The staff of the Children’s Dental Practice salutes Jill Corrales – a working mom with a plan for success and compassion for others.

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