Audie Murphy Ranch Sports Park Moves Closer to Completion

Two large bowls are the centerpiece feature of the skate park at the Audie Murphy Ranch sports park.
One of the mostly highly anticipated recreational facilities in Menifee is nearing completion, but residents are urged to be patient at least a few more weeks until it is open to the public.

Moreover, officials warn that impatient onlookers are subject to arrest if they try to set foot on the property before it is open.

Workers are putting the final touches on the 11-acre sports park being built by Brookfield Homes as part of the Audie Murphy Ranch development. The complex, located on the south side of Newport Road between Derby Hill Drive and Lone Pine Street, remains enclosed by a chain link fence with green covering to discourage onlookers.

In addition, a project supervisor on site said today that trespassers attempting to try out the skate park or other amenities are subject to arrest while the area remains closed to the public. Security guards patrol the area and any unauthorized person entering the facility is subject to prosecution.

Be patient, say the developers and city officials. This state-of-the-art sports park will be open as soon as the finishing touches are applied and all issues in handing the property over to the City of Menifee are finalized.

Although the park is being built within the Audie Murphy development, it will be open to everyone. A Brookfield supervisor said the lights are installed, the sod has been laid and construction is virtually complete. Once that is finalized, the next step will be transferring authority for the park to the city, which manages all parks on the west side of Interstate 215.

Rob Johnson, interim city manager for the City of Menifee, cautioned that there are still unfinished business that will keep the park closed, perhaps for two or three more months.

"The AMR skate park and sports park is on schedule to open as one unit this spring," Johnson wrote in an email to menifee 24/7. "As you can see, AMR has done a phenomenal job on the facility!

"I would have to inquire to AMR for an update on what the actual date is, but the facility would not open (due to ongoing construction, liability issues and turf growth maturation) to the public until the entire park is ready to open. The City would also have to accept the facility from AMR prior to it opening to the public.

"We realize that the excitement is growing and anticipation is high, but we have a few more months before it will be fully complete and operational."

The skate park features two large bowls, rails, steps and several other features that will be attractive to skaters. Nearby, there is a large playground (right) for the little ones. Also included in the project are a baseball field, soccer field as basketball courts.

The Audie Murphy Ranch website describes the sports park as being scheduled to open in late 2013. As the calendar moves further away from that date, Menifee 24/7 continues to receive more inquiries about its grand opening.

So here is the latest information we have, with a word of caution to stay away until all is ready. There will be plenty of time for fun and games there in the very near future.

A skate park on the east end of the sport park has several attractive features. 

A full-size baseball field already has lights installed for night use.

Basketball courts are only awaiting the installations of the backboards and baskets.


  1. with all the BMX bikes, are thy allowed to the skate park?


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