Postal Annex Will Help You Through The Holidays

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For most people the holidays are a nightmare of long lines at the post office and hoping packages make it cross country in one piece. But for the shipping experts at Postal Annex in Menifee, the holiday season is just another excuse to show off their packing and shipping talent.

Postal Annex combines the power of all shipping carriers in one location so you don’t have to run around town dropping off packages at different locations. Bring all your packages to one place and the friendly staff at Postal Annex will even help you safely and securely pack your gifts with care. They can then help you compare shipping rates between carriers to select the most cost efficient and quick delivery no matter where in the world your box may be off to. With daily pickups from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL shipping just got a whole lot less stressful. Skip the long line at the Post Office and head to one of the two conveniently located Postal Annex locations instead.

In addition to helping your package get to its destination in a timely manner, their gift boutique and supply station also offers a host of last minute cards and gifts and all the shipping supplies you might need to complete your packing, shipping, and gifting mission.

They care so much about your packages that Postal Annex has put together a helpful guide to holiday packing. FedEx alone recently reported that they expect to deliver over 260-million shipments worldwide just between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

"Packages that are damaged are often delayed as well. (So) Proper packaging not only helps to prevent damage to the gift in the package, it helps to preserve the address and delivery instructions on the outside of the package. And this is an important part of having a package arrive in time for the holidays,” shares Vice President of Marketing Communications for Annex Brands, Steve Goble.

In an effort to offer up some advice, Goble shares these tips for holiday shippers:

• Don't reuse old shipping cartons. Package gifts in a new box that will stand up to the rigors of holiday shipping volumes. Old cartons may collapse and may display previous address and return address information that could misdirect the package.

• Place labels directly on the shipping carton. Don't wrap shipping cartons – old or new – in brown paper. If the paper is torn from the box during shipping, the shipping label will be lost too – and the package may become undeliverable.

• Place delivery information inside the package, as well as on the delivery label. If the delivery label is lost, the carrier will still be able to complete delivery.

• No strings attached! Don't tie packages up with string. String can get caught in sorting machines, resulting in mangled packages and damaged contents.

• Duct tape is for ducts, not for shipping packages. Duct tape loses its grip in cold weather, and masking tape, painter’s, and electrical tape are not strong enough to stand up to the shipping process.

Newport at Murrieta
26100 Newport Road
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 301-7070

Newport at Antelope
30141 Antelope Road
Menifee, CA 92585
(951) 679-2600

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