DUI Checkpoint Results in 4 Arrests, Multiple Citations

Two drivers were arrested on suspicion of DUI violations and two others were arrested on other criminal charges following a DUI checkpoint conducted Saturday night by the Menifee Police Department.

The checkpoint was conducted from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the intersection of Scott Road and Haun Road. Deputies contacted drivers in both the east and west lanes of Scott Road between Haun Road and the 215 Fwy.

The checkpoint was conducted with the assistance of the Menifee Crime Watch volunteers and the Menifee Police Explorers. Two motorists were arrested for DUI and one passenger was arrested for public intoxication. A fourth motorist that was being investigated for driving with a suspended license was found to have an outstanding arrest warrant for domestic violence.

Results of the checkpoint:

-- 1403 Vehicles were screened
-- 56 Vehicles screened were sent for secondary evaluation/investigation
-- 24 Individual field sobriety tests were conducted
-- 2 DUI-Alcohol suspects were arrested
-- 10 Drivers were cited and released for operating a vehicle unlicensed/suspended
-- 2 Arrested on other criminal charges
-- 16 Citations were issued


  1. Don't forget the citation I received when I was 2 miles west of the checkpoint for providing wide publicity about the checkpoint ahead. Thanks officer Alcala and Sergeant Strang for interfering with my constitutionally protected activity of expressive speech.

    1. You were not doing anyone any favor by "providing wide publicity...". Actually you were obstructing justice. The policemen that we have are hard and diligent workers. I am glad that you got cited for your ignorance. The constitution does not protect incompetence. Also, these checkpoints helps deter the negligence of many people and reinforce that people should always follow the rules.... it prevents others from getting hurt.

    2. A Right, Freedom of Speech in this case, cannot be converted into a crime you claim as "obstructing justice". Besides the violation noted on the citation had nothing to do with the activity of providing wide publicity of the checkpoint ahead. The citation in question was supposed to be submitted to the court within 25 days or the officer/supervisors face a misdemeanor charge for concealing. Low and behold no submission of the citation has occurred, yet you believe that "people should always follow the rules..." Well who will hold the officer and or his immediate supervisor accountable for failure to follow the rules. You also claim these officers are diligent in the discharge of their duties, yet in this case you are incorrect. In sum, I believe Sergeant Strang, et. al., concluded that submission of the citation in light of a First Amendment defense was a futile endeavor. May I suggest you read the Calif. Const. in pertinent part: "Article 1 SEC. 2. (a) Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of
      this right. A law may not restrain or abridge liberty of speech or press." You're Welcome


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