Chambers of Commerce Honor Students of the Month

From left: Sally Myers, Program Founder; Dr. Jonathan Greenberg, Superintendent, Perris Union Hi...

From left: Sally Myers, Program Founder; Dr. Jonathan Greenberg, Superintendent, Perris Union High School District; Bea Parmley, Vice President, Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce; Zarabeth Sandoval, Heritage High School; Eddy Salas, California Military Institute; Taryn Park, Paloma Valley High School; Joselyn Calderon, Perris High School; Councilman Tom Fuhrman, City of Menifee; Dorothy Wolons, President/CEO, Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce; and Mayor Daryl Busch, City of Perris.
The Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce kicked off the 2013-2014 Student of the Month program in September. The students are nominated by their teachers and staff at their respective school sites and are chosen for their character, integrity, love of learning, ability to persevere and overcome challenging circumstances, community service, and how they make a difference on their high school campus.

September’s students and their families attended a luncheon sponsored by the Perris and Menifee Chambers of Commerce along with local businesses and organizations. Principals and teachers from each high school shared stories about the students and they each received certificates of recognition, numerous gifts, congratulations and encouragement from local, county, state and federal dignitaries.

Heritage High School's Student of the Month is Zarabeth Sandoval. Zarabeth currently holds a 4.4 GPA and is involved in sports, including cross country and track. Heritage High School Principal Julie Zierold stated that Zarabeth has a lot on her plate and does a great job of balancing her life. Along with her sports, she’s taking six AP courses and helps with her siblings at home. Zarabeth shared that she is thankful for the recognition and has learned that determination is the key to reaching your goals. She plans to use that determination when she enters into college. She plans to attend UC Berkeley or USC and major in bio medical science to become a petroleum engineer.

California Military Institute’s Eddy Salas is described by Principal Richard Wallis as the epitome of a strong and quiet leader. As Cadet Captain, Eddy oversees 900 cadets and some of his duties include formation, drills, ceremonies, and trainings. Along with Eddy’s academic work load and participation in sports, he has maintained straight A’s in all his classes, including AP and Honors courses. Eddy stated that he felt honored for the recognition and fully believes in service to others above service to self. When often asked why he takes on such a load, he states that there are 900 reasons for doing what he does. Although Eddy has not chosen a college yet, he will major in bio medical and electrical engineering.

Taryn Parks is Paloma Valley’s Student of the Month. She currently holds a 4.5 GPA, including four AP courses. Along with outstanding academics, Taryn is also involved in mock trial, cross country, National Honor Society, Student WASC president, summer ministries, and other community service projects. Taryn stated that her biggest lesson has been that education comes before anything else. She shared how she was born into foster care, and how she and her brother have overcome their obstacles. She thanked her best friend’s parents for taking her in and providing a home. Taryn plans to continue her education and has noted several schools to attend. She plans to major in political science and enter the political field.

Growing up in Perris and attending school as a child in the community, Joselyn Calderon’s mother told her daughter that one day her name was going to be on the Perris High School marquee as Student of the Month. Several years later, that goal has now come to fruition as Joselyn is nominated for September’s Student of the Month for Perris High School. Joselyn’s former academic decathlon advisor, Mr. Ellingson, stated that a student like her comes only once every decade. Another of Joselyn’s teachers, Mr. Vasquez, stated that she was the only student who got upset when she got an A. "She wants to do more and learn more," he stated. Joselyn plans to attend Stanford to obtain degrees in both electrical engineering and law to become a patent lawyer.

If you wish to learn more about the Student of the Month Program, please contact founde, Sally Myers at 951-506-8024.


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