Menifee in Pictures: Trees Gone, Holes Get Bigger on Newport

The $3 million project to widen Newport Road between Menifee Road and Antelope Road on the east side of Interstate 215 is now in its second week, and most of the trees lining the center median and parkways have been removed.

Some new trees will be planted in the median when the new, narrower median is completed, but not as many as there were before, said Jonathan Smith, director of public works for the City of Menifee. One lane will be added in each direction by narrowing the median and cutting into the parkway area, where sidewalks and utility lines will have to be moved.

Smith said staff considered the possibility of transplanting some of the trees but decided against it because of the cost involved and a survival rate of less than 50 percent, based on previous experience in the climate of this area. No determination has been made on the type of trees that will be planted or the cost of that part of the project.

The Newport Road widening project is expected to be completed by December. Until then, one lane will be closed to through traffic much of the time during construction.


  1. Wouldn't this be a good time to put the power lines underground