Prayer Vigil for Terry Smith Jr. Set Tonight at Wheatfield Park

A prayer vigil in honor of deceased Menifee boy Terry Smith Jr. will be held at 7:30 tonight at Wheatfield Park, located at the forner of Me...

A prayer vigil in honor of deceased Menifee boy Terry Smith Jr. will be held at 7:30 tonight at Wheatfield Park, located at the forner of Menifee Road and La Piedra Road.

A large crowd is expected for the event. In addition to prayers and words in memory of the 11-year-old, Murrieta teenager Jordan Omoto will perform "Terry's Song," which he wrote in honor of Terry.

Another Menifee resident, Daniel Nurmela, created a slide show put to the music Omoto recorded. Here is a link to that slideshow, which was posted today on Facebook:

The exact location of the vigil on the park grounds has not been announced. A Little League tournament also is being held there tonight.

In addition, a program at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta will address the grief associated with the loss of Terry during the Celebrate Recovery meeting held tonight at 7. The public is invited to the event, located at 24470 Washington Avenue in Murrieta.


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  1. Yes, let's all pray for God to bring JuJu back to life. God can do anything. He can work miracles. The more people that pray for God to bring JuJu back to life, the better the chances that God will answer our prayers. Come on people!

    Cindy Shipman

    1. Cindy, you need prayer.

    2. Prayer does not make zombies, if it did we would have one heck of an epidemic on our hands wouldn't we? Prayer is uplifting and brings comfort to those that are doing the praying and those who are bieng prayed for. Granted Terry is dead, so in this case it is helping bring comfort to those who are feeling the aftermath of this. It shows that people care about others in the community. Maybe Cindy, your sarcastic post is a sign that you dont know how to deal with this tragedy, so I will pray for you.

      Kathrine Young

    3. I was not being sarcastic. Read John 11:38-43 in the Bible. Jesus (who is God) raised Lazarus from the dead four days after he died! John 11:40 says -- Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?" So, how can you say that we should not pray for God to save this boy too? Why is it that nobody truly believes in His power anymore? And, Katherine, God does not make zombies! Zombies are not real. Please pray that you really believe in the power of our all-powerful Lord.

      Cindy Shipman

  2. God can do a lot of things but what your asking for is too much let him rest in peace and quit being greedy god has gained a special angel that a family took for granite. You should pray for him to be in gods hands now nothing can bring him back now.

  3. Glad the mayor had sense enough to just thank everyone and turn the vigil over to the pastor. Thanks for having some decency!

    1. Uncharacteristic behavior?



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