A Note From the Editor About the Terry Smith Jr. Memorial

To our readers and all the people of Menifee: We all know the tragedy this community has endured...

To our readers and all the people of Menifee:

We all know the tragedy this community has endured with the heartbreaking loss of Terry Smith Jr. Emotions are running high at this time. Many of you have expressed these emotions on our website and Facebook page -- some appropriately, some not.

Today, many of our readers -- especially those who joined the volunteer search for the missing boy -- are expressing anger that the public is not invited to the memorial service Saturday at Revival Christian Fellowship in Menifee. This is understandable. However, I ask you not to blame the people at Revival, who are in a difficult position. All efforts are being made to keep the focus on the memory of Terry Smith Jr., as they should be.

That being said, I agree wholeheartedly that the people of Menifee need and deserve a way to mourn together the loss of a little boy who brought an entire community together in a way none of us have seen before. Terry Smith Sr., who is travelling here today from West Virginia, has expressed his desire to mourn together with you and personally thank you for your love and concern for his son. What form that memorial takes and exactly who organizes it is undetermined at this time.

Even so, I assure you such a public memorial service will take place. When plans are finalized, Menifee 24/7 will announce them and all who wish to attend may do so. In the meantime, please do not show up at Revival Church Saturday if you were not personally invited. I urge you to be respectful in memory of Terry Smith Jr. and stay at home. Pray for him on your own if you wish. And as soon as we have information on the public service, we'll let you know.

On behalf of the staff at Menifee 24/7, I thank you for your understanding and for your love and concern at this difficult time.

Doug Spoon


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  1. I understand what you are saying, but MR. Smith has a right to attend his own son's funeral. It is sad that Shawna/Bekkah is being selfish!

    1. He was invited he chose not to go.

  2. Thank God Terry is resting in peace.

  3. The community has had two memorials. Let the family mourn in peace, what ever the circumstances are, we know Terry Jr. Smith was loved by many.

  4. I am a resident of Menifee. I want you to know that while visiting my family in Quebec Canada, I heard about little Terry Smith missing, we felt the anguish of his family and the residents of Menifee.. I shared it with my family out there and we prayed for Terry's safe return . We felt for his family, We were shocked by the bad news... Just to let you know that across the country people felt the pain of loosing him. thank you Menifee for your relentless effort to find him. Know that you tried and God bless you for your relentless effort to find him. We are all so saddened by this. God bless you. Hug and kiss your kids and grandkids, you never know when they'll be taken away from you or us. God bless You! Nicole

  5. Thank you Doug! I am not angry nor upset and have not posted any ill words. I invested more than just time searching, and would do it again in a heartbeat, but rather, more emotion and heartache than I could have imagined! However, I have no say in how JuJu is memorialized. I will simply keep him in my thoughts, my prayers and in my heart! Although he was Menifee's little boy, he was his parent's son.

  6. I agree that everyone has LOVE, concern, anger, bewilderment, opinions and the unanswered questions. This community should be PROUD that everyone has come together and forward regardless of their personal emotions. BUT NOW it is time to celebrate Terry's short life, make his life a positive endeavor. Don't let the negativity that took his life prevail, take the positive and make his short life meaningful.

  7. Why was the Dad and his family NOT invited?

    1. maybe he wasn't part of his childs life until now.. with broken families you never what is happening.

    2. He has been on his life always. He had custody (still had for that matter) of Terry Jr. but allowed Terry Jr. to live with his Mom a couple years ago because Jr. asked. Terry Sr. even raised Skylor and Mary until 2005. He is a very upstanding man.

    3. The father was invited to for personal reasons chose not to go.

  8. Our community has lost a great and loved kid who dident get to live the life he deserved. However the mom should not keep dragging it on let terry have peace, she already used millions of our dollars for something that could have been avoided. Don't give her fame!



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