Tuesday Menifee Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

The City of Menifee has announced that the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 25 has been cancelled.

There is no business to be heard by the commission at this time. The next regular meeting will take place July 9 at City Hall.


  1. Menifee is now a city of both many seniors and many families with children....I would love to see some indoor activities for the blazing hot days and cold, windy, rainy days where both seniors and adults and teens and children could go...my first choice is a bowling alley, along with that they could have birthday party rooms to accomadate all the children now in Menifee and the get together parties from the Soccer teams and baseball teams...plus bowling leagues...after the bowling alley I would like to see a ice skating rink and roller rink...I myself have grandchildren living in Menifee and grandchildren living out of state who come to visit and we need some indoor activities for an entire family to be involved in...please take this into consideration...Thank you...