Thanks to Our Facebook Readers, We've Now Hit 8,000 Likes

And they said it couldn't happen...

Well, OK, maybe they didn't say that. But it is something of which we at Menifee 24/7 are proud. Last night, the "likes" total on our Facebook page reached the milestone number of 8,000! For that, we say thank you to all our faithful readers.

We know that although you can bookmark and return to this website any time you want to -- and many of you do -- our Facebook page is a primary portal to the Menifee 24/7 news site. A link to every item posted here is posted on Facebook, allowing Facebook members to be instantly alerted to fresh content. The "comments" and "new post" functions of Facebook is a popular feature on our page as well. In fact, many of you have used those to engage in lively debate and to notify us of accidents, crimes and other big news in the community.

Our Facebook page is used to post special deals from our advertisers, as a place for readers to ask questions of others, and much more. Readers have helped each other find lost dogs, make donations to worthy causes and dozens of other things.

We believe we are breaking new ground here in this era of real-time, interactive news coverage. As always, we welcome your input and appreciate the support.


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