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Advertorial supplement: Postal Annex+ in Menifee takes in offering a plethora of amenities at a...

Advertorial supplement:

Postal Annex+ in Menifee takes in offering a plethora of amenities at affordable rates, all while providing quality, honest service.

When it comes to selecting a shipping service, Postal Annex can help you compare shipping rates and costs among UPS, FedEx and the USPS so you can choose the most efficient and price conscious delivery method. If you need to purchase a box, their shipping and packing experts will determine the correct size to keep your packages securely protected and shipping rates low.

Should you need to ship something large, heavy, and/ or fragile, you can entrust your valuables to be shipped with care using their freight shipping service.

Postal Annex also provides the services of a commissioned and insured Notary Public, appointed by the state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. They oversee the signing of any document that an originator needs to ensure integrity and identity of the signer. The Notary will verify the identity of the signer, and certify that they are knowingly and willingly signing to help deter any fraudulent execution of documents.

The notary will professionally ensure accurate and honest signing of real estate deeds, contracts, loan documents, affidavits, deeds of trust, warranty deeds, mortgage notes, certification of trusts and escrow information. In addition they can also offer mobile notary services to travel to off-site locations to notarize documents at your home, a hospital, or place of business.

Newport at Murrieta
26100 Newport Road
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 301-7070

Mon- Fri, 8 - 6
Sat, 9 - 4
Sun, Closed

Newport at Antelope
30141 Antelope Road
Menifee, CA 92585
(951) 679-2600

Mon- Fri, 9 - 6
Sat, 9 - 4
Sun, 10 - 4

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