Nuevo Community Watch Group Reports 3 Criminal Incidents

Nuevo Community Watch, a Facebook page created to promote public safety in the neighboring community of Nuevo, has had several incidents of suspicious activity and a home invasion reported to local police. These reports are shared here as a reminder to Menifee residents to report suspicious activity and keep doors and windows locked.

Here is the original posting, which can be found along with others on the Nuevo Community Watch Facebook page:

One BREAKING & ENTERING, one ATTEMPTED BREAKING & ENTERING and a SUSPICIOUS PERSON loitering outside of a home, all within the last three days! You can find two of the full stories in Recent Posts by Others on the NCW Facebook page.

-- Sunday night at 2 a.m., a neighbor saw someone hiding behind their neighbor's car. When the neighbor started walking toward the house where the person was hiding, the person took off, running west.

-- Monday, NCW was notified of a breaking and entering. Several doors of buildings on property were kicked open and copper wire was stolen from one of the buildings. The kitchen window of the house was opened from the outside but thieves did not enter the home.

-- Tuesday at 2:20 p.m., an intruder rang the home's doorbell several times to check to see if they were home. After not receiving an answer, the suspect went around the house and began to enter through the back sliding glass door. The homeowners were home and the suspect was scared off.

Anyone witnessing any criminal activity is urged to call 911 or the Riverside County Sheriff's Non-Emergency number at 951-776-1099.


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