New Sidewalk to Improve Pedestrian Safety on McCall Blvd.

Pedestrians will no longer have to walk this narrow stretch of path alongside a drainage ditch o...

Pedestrians will no longer have to walk this narrow stretch of path alongside a drainage ditch on McCall Boulevard.
Children walking along McCall Boulevard to and from Hans Christensen Middle School will have a safer pedestrian route for the next school year.

The completion of an Environmental Impact Report and awarding of the construction contract has paved the way for the creation of a sidewalk on the south side of McCall between Sherman Road and Hillpointe Drive. Work on the $40,000 project is scheduled to begin in early July and be completed by the end of that month.

This project comes in response to the complaints of parents whose children had to maneuver past a rocky drainage ditch (left) near the corner of McCall Boulevard and Sherman Road, then walk a dirt path with no curb separating them from busy traffic, to head east on McCall from the school.

Hillcrest Contracting, the lowest bidder, was awarded the contract. The project includes adding a chain link fence around the drainage ditch.


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  1. Sidewalks should be added next around Boulder Ridge Elementary school as well. That school on the same cross street McCall is in need of atleast another entrance into the school, more parking, and of sidewalks as well.

  2. This is GREAT news! I always felt bad for the kids walking through the weeds and unsafe, bumpy dirt paths.

    $40,000 though? That sounds high, but as long as every penny is accounted for - it SHOULD show in the results.

    Little improvements like this will make McCall feel more like a part of Menifee instead of a pitstop in limbo between Sun City and Menifee.



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