Good Shepherd Lutheran School Expands Literacy Program

Contributed content: Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Menifee has announced plans to offer a fully integrated, high tech technology liter...

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Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Menifee has announced plans to offer a fully integrated, high tech technology literacy program for all its students in grades K-8. The program will include new state-of-the-art computers, software and networking. The equipment will be the foundation for technology integration into all aspects of the school’s curriculum, in addition to staff training and student skill training.

The school will be using high-level technology skills within all classroom curricula.

"This project will require considerable levels of training for their staff and a highly orchestrated approach so all students learn skills and have the aptitude and opportunity to use those skills within a classroom centered project," said Charles Mayer, principal at Good Shepherd Lutheran School, a BEYOND Technology school.

Students and teachers will be exposed to many ISTE standards, including those involving Internet, spreadsheets, databases, word-processing, multi-media, desktop publishing, basic computer skills, graphics and other Web 2.0 tools. Teachers will also learn about curriculum integration and implementation.

The project was developed and is being managed by BEYOND Technology Education, Inc., based in Chino Hills.

"Our approach to school wide integration goes beyond hardware and software," said Ernie Delgado, company Co-CEO. "We really want to impact classroom instruction. Therefore, a large part of our emphasis involves helping teachers learn computer skills and integrating them into classroom content while adhering to state and local curriculum standards. We call our technology planning and implementation model SWIMGrid (School Wide Integration Model)."

Each student and teacher will be given appropriate computer training so the integration aspect can be realized.

"This is not something that happens overnight," said Rick Harrell, Co-CEO of BEYOND Technology Education. "The SWIMGrid methods look at all aspects of the school planning process and provides for milestones of achievement, which our company keeps track of. The SWIMGrid approach is exactly what schools need today to truly integrate technology throughout all levels of the curriculum process while maintaining a strict budget plan."

"I am excited to know that my kids will have this opportunity to learn about computers," said Lauren Rivers, parent of a student at Good Shepherd Lutheran School. "I use computers every day, and to know that our school is taking a proactive approach to bring in this major program is a true blessing for all of our kids."


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