Elevate Fitness Offers Barre Classes; A Fun and Sexy Workout

Advertorial supplement: Elevate Fitness Studio is continually adding new classes to help keep y...

Advertorial supplement:

Elevate Fitness Studio is continually adding new classes to help keep your workout fresh and effective. The new barre classes are a unique addition to the Elevate repertoire of offerings and are being met with enthusiasm and positive praise. The barre method was derived from ballet with a mix of pilates, yoga, and strength training to tone your body and help you get fit.

“I'm especially excited about the caliber of instructors that we have at Elevate with Shannon and Yvonne, who are excellent coaches and are passionate about helping people," says Elevate owner Paul David.

Barre differs from yoga in that there is not as much emphasis put on flexibility and holding poses as in yoga or pilates. Fusing fitness techniques from dance, pilates, and yoga, these fun, energetic classes work to tone, define, and chisel the body, making individuals stronger, more flexible, and more confident in only a matter of weeks.

“Clients have mentioned how much they noticed themselves firming up, especially in their lower body. It is a full body workout that is fun, upbeat, and you do not need dance experience,” says Booty Barre instructor Shannon Tagney.

The Booty Barre class is comprised of barre style cardio for an upbeat, high-energy workout. Combining strength and flexibility, the addition of cardio helps to burn fat fast. The Barre Sculpt classes are slow yet intense, consisting of deep strength training and stretching with an ab and glute workout to finish up the routine.

“It’s easy on the joints and the amazing thing about Barre Method is that you use your own body weight to tone and sculpt your muscles, trim your waistline, tone your arms, lift your seat, all while having fun as we take a ballet approach to the class,” shares Barre Sculpt instructor Yvonne Davis.

Barre Sculpt is offered every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:10 a.m. and Bootie Barre is offered every Saturday at 8 a.m. Both style classes offer a killer workout that really works the whole body. Classes are open to all fitness levels and encourage you to workout at your own comfort level.

Classes are just $10 per class, or $39 for a whole month of unlimited classes, including Barre, Spin, Camp Maximus, Yoga, and many others as well.

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