City Seeks Input on Another Development Plan at 'Missing Link'

The outlined section shown here between the planned Menifee Road extension and a hillside would ...

The outlined section shown here between the planned Menifee Road extension and a hillside would be the site of the Chaparral Senior Apartments. The previously planned El Dorado housing development would be built on the vacant lot on the other (east) side of the road.
Today it is a quiet, barren patch of land, about 100 acres on the eastern base of a hill in Menifee. Down the middle runs a partially graded path that has long been intended to connect sections of Menifee Road that dead-end at Simpson Road to the north and near Aldergate Drive to the south.

Off to one side of the "road" stands a row of giant sewer pipes, brought on site but still awaiting development. A young girl walks carefully along the edge of the path, taking the shortcut not available to motorists. A dirt biker roars past, sending squirrels scattering.

It's a small patch of rural Menifee amid the development that has marked this town's growth to more than 80,000. Yet if all projects are approved and the housing market continues to improve, this area will become a densely populated residential neighborhood split up the middle by a vital north-south thoroughfare.

Last week, it was reported here that city officials received a commitment from the Rancon Group to build a half-mile stretch of Menifee Road that will fill in the so-called "missing link" between Simpson Road and Aldergate. This would be the first phase in the construction of the long-delayed El Dorado development (right), a 48-acre tract planned for 269 single-family lots east of the road, according to plans listed on That tract is already laid out with at least one access road paved.

Now, the City of Menifee has announced a public meeting for this Tuesday, June 25 at 5 p.m. to inform residents about plans for an adjacent development -- a 253-unit senior apartment complex planned for the west side of the road, at the base of the hill.

The 46-acre Chaparral Apartment project (site shown at left) is in the early stages of the application process. It would require a zoning change from low to high density housing and an Environmental Impact Report must be conducted. According to Community Development Director Carmen Cave, if plans are approved, that developer -- Chaparral Menifee LLC -- would reimburse Rancon and/or the City of Menifee for half the cost of the Menifee Road construction.

"El Dorado is required to build half the road and the apartment project would be required to do the same," Cave said.

The $4 million road project will be funded both by Rancon through a bond and the city with funds reimbursable through the county's Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee program, said Interim City Manager Rob Johnson last week. He said the road is scheduled to be completed by Dec. 30. The timetable for the El Dorado and Chaparral projects would depend on the developers, but in the meantime, the increased through traffic on Menifee Road is expected to alleviate some of the city's traffic congestion.

City officials and the developer will be on hand to answer questions at Tuesday night's meeting at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road. Residents will have the opportunity to give input regarding the environmental impact such development would have. Another public information meeting will be held July 9.

"The Chaparral project is in the very, very early stages," Cave said. "The scoping meeting gives the public the opportunity to be included in the discussion of all the issues involved."

Sewer pipes line the path previously laid out for the Menifee Road extension between Aldergate Drive and Simpson Road.


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  1. Greatful for the completion of Menifee Road NB. There is an issue turning left from Lake Fork Dr to SB Menifee Rd that would be worsened with additional traffic. The intersection is such that a car turning left must creep out a bit into the intersection to see the oncoming traffic, because of the curve in the road. Might want to monitor that traffic flow.

    Regarding senior apartments on the west side of Menifee Rd., I guess it's up to the developer, but it seems an odd place for senior only apartments. There are no walkable amenities, speed limits on Menifee and McCall and no golf cart access to the courses or to shopping, hospital and medical areas. Family apartments make more sense as the hill is a favorite place for kids to hike and play, but that's just an opinion.

  2. Are you seriously kidding me? The city is even considering a project that would tear up that beautiful hillside behind the park and cram in a bunch of apartments?!?! Blasting out another hillside to appease a developer? Terrific...

    We specifically bought a home in that area because of the untouched landscape on the Westside of Menifee Rd. How much "density" is enough before the cache of this city is ruined?

  3. Senior Apartments on a Landfill? Doesn't sound like a wise idea to me!

  4. Agreed Polterfish. This is a little slice of heaven behind Heritage Lake, and I love it the way it is. So Sad.....

  5. It would be nice to keep the open space for animals and for the love of nature rather then add more homes! Stop the greed and leave nature alone. I bought in this area just because of the open space and nature. How does devaluing nature make for good plans!

    1. What was your home built on? Previously open space? Maybe the open space proponents can put up their money and buy the land and keep it undeveloped.

    2. It's about going from a "low" density residential designation to a "very high" designation in a VERY SMALL area of open space. If I wanted to live in a "very high" density area, I would've stayed in West LA.

  6. This is not a landfill area, the former landfill is about 1.5 miles down Simpson road towards Hemet. Seems like an awful area for a senior project, far away from amenities and no golf car lanes.

  7. Anonymous:

    This plan gives access to hundreds of transients right passed a junior high school on McCall and two elementary schools on Menifee Road. As others have suggested, this is a horrible location for a senior apartment living complex with no access to any necessities. Who knows what kind of clientele might inhabit such a development. It was not zoned for high density. If need be, then make it own your own.



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