Ban on Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Proposed

The Menifee City Council will hold a public hearing during its July 16 meeting to consider recommendation of an ordinance prohibiting mobile medical marijuana operations in the city.

This ordinance is being proposed at the suggestion of City Attorney Julie Biggs, who noted during a recent city council meeting that some attorneys are questioning whether the State Supreme Court's ban on marijuana dispensaries applies to mobile medical marijuana dispensaries. There have been reports throughout California of individuals and/or businesses selling medical marijuana through various delivery services and mobile facilities.

Earlier this month, the City of Riverside approved an ordinance to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries to "preserve public peace, health, and safety," according to city council minutes.

The City of Menifee's official notice of the July 16 public hearing states that "if this project is challenged in court, the issues may be limited to those raised at the public hearing, described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Council at, or prior to, the public hearing."

The July 16 city council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road.


  1. We used to call them drug dealers not 'mobile marijuana dispensaries', and the city is 'proposing' a ban on them, it is a federal law that they are ILLEGAL!!!!!

  2. "... recent city council meeting that some attorneys are questioning whether the State Supreme Court's ban on marijuana dispensaries applies to mobile medical marijuana dispensaries."

    There has always been a ban in place for marijuana. The ban had never been lifted. The latest ruling (Prop D) granted "formal permission" in the form of a proposition to shut down dispensaries based on criteria created by the people who supported the proposition. Exactly like a kid asking an adult if it is okay to do something. Passing a proposition of a ban that has already been in place seems redundant.

    Given the economic status of the state. It is amazing how there are no groups of people in the mainstream considering the financial opportunities within an industry. An industry that may be taxed $50 to $60 per day after Prop D in Los Angeles had passed could. One store front dispensary would have to pay their city tax to run their business. There were more store front dispensaries compared to Starbucks in a 20 mile radius of LA in the past. Calculating the total taxes to operate a store front dispensary in one city could generate more money for the city.

    With this proposed banned, it is understood the city does not time to entertain an opportunity to generate money for the city through taxes on industry that is gaining momentum nationwide. Instead to shut it down and ostracize an entity that has never been completely investigated.

    The unknown creates fear. The answers to the unknown are to remove the unknown, out of fear.
    Making the unknown, known removes the fear.

    For those who know:

    I pray for the patients, who will have an even more difficult time obtaining the medication needed to make their quality of life enjoyable and alleviate the suffering with the medical ailments they have.

    Medicine affects patients differently. When Tylenol doesnt work, go to Motrim, if that doesnt work go somewhere else. If you are a patient that has found any medicine to be effective, normally you would continue using that medicine until it is not effective.

    Be Safe and Take Care
    -Mark R

  3. This is ridiculous. There are numerous legitimate people who are disabled that require this service.

  4. It is not illegal, please refer to People vs. Mower, specifically Article A. It is illegal for the City to not allow patients the right to their prescribed medication.

    Unbelievable! Shame on you City of Menifee!

  5. Banning a plant made by nature is ridiculous. Why not ban pharmaceuticals that can possibly kill you as a "side effect". The true crime is caging a person over a plant, seriously!

  6. im gonna be honest and say im a mmj supporter. I support a regulated version of mmj say only in a industrial area with a 10% tax on sales being divided between the general fund and law enforcement.. thats my vision of a legit system.. now that I've said that lets go over whats going on here in this story.. the city attorneys across So Cal have been fleecing tax payers via bans that have taken years and years to be decided.. after the millions upon millions that was spent over the years the ca supreme court decided in the cities favor of bans on dispensaries.. o.k. cool.. problem is now that revenue for the attorneys has dried up with the supreme court decisions.. now if they can get cities to go along with mobile bans it means years and years of costly litigation and to be honest legalization will happen before this case (and there will be a case) goes before the supreme court.. Imho its just best to regulate in a manner that makes sense.. don't let your city councils fall for it.. its a fleecing of tax payers money.. the cities won you can ban store fronts.. why on the world do we want to start another costly legal battle over delivery's.. ban dispensaries if you want but dont allow the city attorney to fleece the taxpayers..

  7. Go ahead and ban mobile dispensaries, but you will not get rid of the black market that will certainly fill the void. The joke is on the "leaders" of Menifee.