Murrieta Man Arrested, Booked for Financial Elder Abuse

A former Temecula bank employee was arrested today on suspicion of financial elder abuse and a search warrant was served at his Murrieta residence just south of the Menifee border, Temecula Police said.

Donald Foster, 37, was arrested at his current place of employment in San Diego County at 4:30 p.m. after Temecula Police developed evidence that an 88-year-old female victim was taken advantage of by a bank employee in Temecula and defrauded out of a large sum of money. At about 6:45 p.m, a search warrant was served at Foster's home in the 33600 block of Mapleton Avenue.

Foster was subsequently booked into the Southwest Detention Center . Anyone with further information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Investigator Gerry Franchville at 951-696-3000.


  1. All I can say is......Karma......He deserves it....

  2. what a distrubing story


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