Crazy Rebels Has Fun Fundraising Opportunities

For Crazy Rebels, doing what they love is all in a day's work. Confucius said, “Do what you l...

For Crazy Rebels, doing what they love is all in a day's work. Confucius said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Owners Jesse Shane and Lauren Jewel have taken this mantra to heart.

Crazy Rebels recently launched a line of art prints in collaboration with Sniffing Snouts Pitbull Rescue in order to raise funds for the rescue. The vintage inspired collection of four pitbull prints aims to educate and help change the public’s perception surrounding breeds incorrectly deemed “dangerous.” 50 percent of all proceeds from these print sales will be donated directly to Sniffing Snouts to help them in their mission. Prints can be ordered from their website at

While pitbulls are notoriously the most persecuted of all breeds, there are some counties where even Chihuahuas have been banned. The message they hope to spread is that the actions of a single dog are attributed to the way in which it has been raised therefore a dog’s nature cannot be generalized by breed. Thousands of innocent animals die at the hands of ignorance each year, in spreading awareness Crazy Rebels is doing their small part to help enact change.

Shane and Jewel absolutely love dogs, so making art, apparel, and accessories for dogs just comes naturally. The benefit of loving what you do is that even tedious tasks like fundraising, suddenly become fun. For Crazy Rebels, fundraising is always fun so long as the beneficiary is a four legged friend. Since launching their online boutique in late 2012 they have made it their mission to give back on a daily basis.

“To an animal in need, no act of compassion goes unnoticed,” says Shane who fosters dogs on a regular basis in an effort to provide a loving environment until they find their forever homes.

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