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Advertorial supplement: There are a few reasons an individual might take up photography, but the ...

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There are a few reasons an individual might take up photography, but the most important underlying reason should be a passion for pictures. Fortunately for Courtney Chebat, her love of taking pictures is backed by an incredible talent for photography as well, making her everything you could possibly want in a professional photographer. She has been snapping photos ever since she was young and made her passion into her profession in 2009 with the conception of her namesake company, Courtney Chebat Photography.

“I love pictures… I love the technical aspect of the them, the beauty of them, and more than anything, I love that they freeze time,” Chebat shares.

It is her appreciation of nostalgia and careful preservation of moments in time that makes Chebat’s connection to her work so special. She has a gifted eye for photography and she truly sees life through a viewfinder. You feel inspired yourself just to hear her talk about the beautiful way she views the world.

“Have you ever noticed the sun setting behind the rocks off Bradley or how green the big empty space of land off the I-215 is during the winter time? Or the random islands of green lush trees throughout Menifee? I see all of that through my camera, even if it’s not with me. I see how the light hits everything before the sun starts setting or the clean blues and pinks in the sky as it rises. I seek inspiration in everything that surrounds me!” she exclaims.

In order to make every client’s photographs unique and completely suited to their style, she seeks inspiration on an individual basis rather than what’s trendy or cliché. She loves to shoot on location and is always in search of new ideas. Specializing in high school seniors, families, children, engagements, and maternity shoots, she especially loves capturing high school seniors.

“There is always one image from each session that just takes my breath away, I love that feeling and I hope my clients experience that feeling as well when reviewing their images,” she shares.

Let Courtney Chebat capture your life's most special moments.

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