City Council to Consider Appeal of Rejection of Alcohol License

The Menifee City Council Tuesday will consider a business owner's appeal of the rejection of his application to sell alcohol.

The Planning Commission on April 23 voted 4-1 against granting an alcohol sales license to California Ranch, located at 27526 Highway 74. Eyad Shalabi, who owns the grocery store at the site formerly occupied by a Bargain Basket, and Brenda Van Dyke, who leases the building to Shalabi, are appealing the decision, saying it is unfair because alcohol would not be consumed on the premises.

A public hearing will be held regarding the matter before the council votes on the issue.

The city council will also consider an ordinance to place a moratorium on permits for metal storage containers and a noise ordinance. Also on the agenda are the formation of ad hoc committees for business incentives and the aquatics facility being built next to the Field of Dreams facility north of Highway 74.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road.


  1. I'm curious about why council denied it?

  2. Council did not deny it. The Planning Commission did.

    1. Was there a reason?

      I didn't realize alcohol sales for a grocery store would be a concern to planning.

      It would make more sense to me if this were a restaurant or sandwich shop looking to add alcohol to the menu, but a grocery store seems fairly benign.

  3. Reason: Planning commission members who want to impose their religious beliefs and moral standards on everyone. Is this the function of the planning commission? Perhaps the suitability of some members to serve needs to be examined