Power Restored to Menifee Homes; Vandalism Apparent Cause

Power was restored shortly before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in Menifee and Canyon Lake to more than 22,000 Southern California Edison customers wh...

Power was restored shortly before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in Menifee and Canyon Lake to more than 22,000 Southern California Edison customers who had been without electricity for about two hours.

According to SCE officials, the power outage was the result of vandalism at the Newcomb Substation near Murrieta Road and Newport Road.  The reported cause of the outage is the theft of copper at that location.

Power outages were sporadic throughout the city. In addition to many homes near the substation and throughout Sun City, there were reported outages at Scott Road and Antelope Road, all of Countryside Marketplace and several other locations.


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Spoon for keeping us informed about the black out. Nobody else had information. Rumors flying. You have done, as always, a great service to the citizens of Menifee. By the way, as I'm sure you know, copper theft is rampant. My cousins church in Crestline lost almost 50k in copper wire, metal fixtures etc. This is the crime of this decade... Again thank you for your hard work and positive energy.

  2. Thanks too for letting us know..this isn't far from our home and I surely hope they track down the people who did such a thing..copper theft is a destructive crime.

  3. Thanks also go out to So Cal Edison, who did a good job restoring service in a timely manner.

  4. I agree...thanks for the info. We were stuck in traffic westbound on McCall and they couldn't pump gas at the United Oil on Sun City blvd. and McCall. Thought it may have been the accident at the intersection there.

  5. Edisons workers at site today, loud expolsion and a fatality unknown if it was a edison worker or not. Power outage around 10:00 then sirens, onlooker said workers were in hole in ground

  6. Last month thieves stole the gas out of our church bus. They had filled it up to transport people to Easter services that couldn't make it on their own. Caught on camera and all. Nothing happened. Last weekend they returned and stole the cameras! We (Menifee) had a power outage yesterday because copper wiring was taken from a large sub station on a busy street in broad daylight. And I hear it happened again this morning. Hmmmm.....maybe the city should form it's own PD or contract out to the Sheriffs Dept. Oh....wait a minute...we already do. OK..I'm out of ideas.



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