Menifee in Pictures: When It's Lunch Time, You Can't Wait

Michelle Brummel shot this picture of her horses, Sam and Dolly, munching on the grass in a field o...

Michelle Brummel shot this picture of her horses, Sam and Dolly, munching on the grass in a field on Gloria Road on the west side of Interstate 215 Tuesday afternoon. Looks like they don't have a care in the world except for eating, right?

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  1. That's a very pretty picture, only your horses are eating a farmer's wheat crop that he grows to make a living. Your horses should not be on private property.

    1. It's not private property, the county pays a nearby resident to maintain it.

  2. It is not private property, the only money the "farmer" is making is from the county to maintain it. Horses are encouraged to eat the grass.

  3. The field that the horses are eating from is a wheat field that is on private property that my husband and I have owned for 30 years. My family farms this and when people drive over it or ride their horses in it, they are actually ruining the crop. As you can see from the picture, there are rows of wheat, it's not wild grass. We don't get money from the county to maintain it, it is a crop.

    1. I have kept my horses over there for about 10 years, and while letting my horses graze or going for a trial ride, I stay on the out skirts of the fields. Showing respect for farmer/famrland. Been doing this for a decade now, so the finger can't be pointed at me for ruining the fields. This is what I love about Menifee.

  4. To add to the last post I made, it is a beautiful time of year, my favorite time of year and I love to see the horses riding by. You have beautiful horses; my granddaughter gets so excited to see you ride by when she is visiting. I would like to encourage you as you ride by this year to watch the wheat crop grow. It's planted in late winter after the winter rains and is beautiful when it comes up so green. Hopefully God blesses us with a wet spring and cool weather so that it will grow and produce wheat which will be harvested this summer. My family is I believe the only remaining original pioneer farming family still farming from Menifee. We came here in the 1890s on my grandmother's side, and in 1909 when my grandfather moved here and started farming. Many of the farming families have moved away, retired, and a few of the ones who have been closest to us have passed away in recent years. Menifee has changed a lot in the 56 years I've lived here when the only school had about 50 children. I hope some of the farming still remains during my lifetime but it's dieing out with development. I just wanted to correct the misconception that the county owns that property, they only tax us on it and have the easement so people can get to their homes. They have nothing to do with maintaining the property or the roads.



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