Menifee 24/7: Proud to Be Your Source for Local News

If the response to Menifee 24/7's expanded coverage is any indication, we have much to thank our readers for in the first three months of 2013.

In the last two days alone, our web site pages have received more than 2,600 page views. Since Friday, related postings on our Facebook page have been seen by nearly 37,000 readers. Our content has covered a variety of subjects, including:

-- A St. Patrick's Day profile of a 95-year-old Sun City woman born in Ireland.

-- A presentation by a local expert on Native American artifacts in the area.

-- A bike rodeo organized by a local high school student.

-- Requests for reader nominations for our Teacher of the Month award.

-- A "Menifee in Pictures" photo of a water-filled rock formation believed to be an ancient Indian bathing tub.

-- A report from local police on a recent DUI Checkpoint in town.

-- Breaking news regarding an apparent murder-suicide in Menifee over the weekend.

It is our pleasure to serve you and we're interested in your feedback. We encourage you to leave comments here and on our Facebook page regarding our product.

We believe Menifee 24/7 truly offers its readers "news with a byte."

Doug Spoon

Shelli Stovall
Sales and Marketing Manager


  1. The human interest articles are appreciated and there are signs of more news appearing in this publication. With the two ladies gone from the City Council it might suggest you could place more emphasis on what goes on at City Hall by the "good ole boys".
    Menifee will embrace a local source for city news.


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