Menifee City Council to Consider Contracts for Johnson, Nelson

The Menifee City Council on Tuesday night will consider proposed contracts for consultant Shawn Nelson, former city manager of Temecula, and...

The Menifee City Council on Tuesday night will consider proposed contracts for consultant Shawn Nelson, former city manager of Temecula, and interim city manager Rob Johnson totaling a combined $286,000 over the next year.

At its Feb. 5 meeting, the city council voted unanimously to extend Johnson's appointment as interim city manager "for the foreseeable future." Johnson, who previously served as a senior manager for community development and outreach, was praised by council members for his performance since taking over for Bill Rawlings, who left the position in November.

According to the contract proposal submitted by city attorney Julie Biggs for consideration, Johnson would be paid $160,000 per year to continue as interim city manager. His performance would be re-evaluated at the end of the year.

In a separate proposal submitted by Biggs, Nelson would be paid $126,000 per year as an executive consultant to the city. According to the consultant agreement, the council directed staff to prepare such an agreement for Nelson as a consultant "for a variety of special projects and as a resource to the city manager and staff for management purposes." Paid out of the unassigned fund balance of the city's general fund, Nelson would be compensated at a flat rate of $10,000 per month plus $500 per month expense reimbursement for a one-year term ending on Feb. 28, 2014.

According to the agreement, Nelson's services provided to the city would include strategic planning facilitation; economic development; staff development and training; succession planning and organizational development; community services; and other matters as determined by the city council.

Last fall, the council agreed to pay Rawlings a severance payment of $183,667, plus a merit payment of $9,500.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road.


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  1. The old saying " Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" certainly applies here.
    This is a perfect setup for the Mayor to micro-manage the day to day operations of the city. A contract with an inexperienced "acting" city manager who can be terminated with 10 days notice without severance pay, how much objection will he have to someone from the council meddling in his business?
    A consultant at $10,500/mo for an unspecified amount of time determined by what effort it takes to do the job. What kind of a contract is that? Illusionary?

  2. I really don't think public sector employees should receive severance packages or buyouts when they leave their jobs or are relieved from their contracts. Villages or townships operate on balanced budgets, so any severance or buyout is not in the best interests of the people they are supposedly serving. Any contingency funds in budgets should be used for the betterment of the people, not one person. Just saying....

  3. Why isn't the City hiring just one City Manager? We don't need duplication, nor training. Johnson needs to be moved to another position in the city with less pay.

  4. Thank you Mayor Mann and Council members for making the right move on this issue. This is a win win for Menifee. 5 long years and our current City Hall finally has our city moving in a positive direction. Keep up the good work!