City Council Approves Contracts for City Manager, Consultant

The Menifee City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved contract agreements for Interim City Manager Rob Johnson and consultant Shawn N...

The Menifee City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved contract agreements for Interim City Manager Rob Johnson and consultant Shawn Nelson.

Johnson has been serving as interim city manager since Bill Rawlings left in November. Because he has no previous experience in that position, council members made the decision to add to the management team Nelson, who previously served as city manager in Temecula.

Johnson, who was previously on staff as a senior manager, will be paid $160,000 over the next year. Nelson will be paid $126,000 -- $10,000 per month and $500 monthly expense reimbursement.


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  1. Though I am unaware as to all the duties associated with these positions, the salaries in this article simply have to jump off the page at you. As much as I am eager to see the City Of Menifee develop into all that it can be, these salaries for this area seem excessive. The average U.S. Congress member earns $174,000 annually and one of these salaries is a mere $14,000 less. I think we need some explanation as to how these figures were decided and what the job descriptions of each are in the article so we can reasonably decide if this is appropriate earnings.

  2. Edgerton blames the previous council for the ills of hiring a city manager.What he fails to point out is four of the five current council were a part of that previous council,three years of which he was the mayor.What confidence can we have that this a better way to run a city? The representatives are elected to make choices in running the city.They need to hire an experienced manager and get on with the city business and quit wasting money on consultants.

  3. Tax money hard at work, not!

  4. I agree with both of the Anonymous [feb20] posts. I understand that our city council members are not experienced CEOs themselves. Our first year as a city, the council meetings were more like a political science workshop taught by the city manager and city attorney. It was cute and of course necessary for a new city..... but this is a dangerous precedent to think that the more you spend, the better the results.

    They needed to be MUCH more open in their discussions about candidate considerations and city manager expectations.

    I would have preferred the growing pains of having an inexperienced city manager at half the cost of even Mr. Johnson, let alone Johnson and mentor.

  5. I agree with 6:12pm. IF you want a experience City Manager then hire one, we do NOT need two city Managers (one in training!) The Mayor and Wally both feel the need to keep Johnson, then make him a Director and pay him less. Wally says 'if its not broken don't fix it. But, what he is really saying is, Johnson isn't up to par (broken) therefore, lets hire a consultant to teach him to be a City Manager.So what is next, lets hire a experience Mayor to teach Scott Mann to be a good mayor since he doesn't really have the experience and increase his pay?

  6. excuse me while I laugh out loud. If this was a proposal by Darci and Sue the uproar would have been heard all over Menifee. Now, the watchdogs are on the other side of the fence and not a peep. Get you popcorn out, citizens of Menifee, the mischief's just beginning. This is fiscal responsibility? And no press to investigate? How sad. How typical



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