"The Caregivers' Journey" Column Makes its Debut Today

Today, in the columns section of our site, you will see the first monthly installment of "The Caregivers' Journey," a column by Marsha Kay Seff on the challenges adults face in serving as caregivers for their aging parents.

Many of the seniors living in Sun City and elsewhere in the Menifee area receive some sort of assistance and support from their children or other caregivers. This column is intended to address some of the issues that go along with the care given to a loved one.

Seff is a veteran writer who previously wrote a syndicated column on caregiving published in the San Diego Union-Tribune. She wrote and edited the San Diego Eldercare Directory for 10 years. Marsha knows first-hand about the ups and downs of caregiving, as she brought her aging parents to San Diego from Miami Beach in order to look after them.

We welcome Marsha to Menifee 24/7. To read her first column here, click on the columns tab at the top of this page.


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