New Feature: Bill Rhoads Shares His Thoughts About Life

No, Bill Rhoads is not a cartoon character, but he has thought a lot about how he is perceived by others, how he would like to be treated and how he would like to treat them. In fact, Bill thinks about a lot of things these days.

A Vietnam veteran, poet, writer and musician, Bill is a resident of Sun City. Beginning today on a weekly basis, our columns section will feature some of his thoughts on life. You're welcome to ponder the world along with him and share your feelings with Bill, who tries to live his life by The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Click on the columns tab at the top of this home page to see what Bill really looks like, and to enjoy the wit and wisdom of Bill Rhoads and our other columnists. We'll introduce a new columnist tomorrow.


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