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As most of you know, Menifee 24/7 is set up as a blog, with an option for readers to leave comments ...

As most of you know, Menifee 24/7 is set up as a blog, with an option for readers to leave comments at the end of an entry.

We welcome and encourage these comments. Such discussions are what make this an interactive news service blog. We do ask that you remember our guidelines, however.

Please read the note you will see when you click on the "post a comment" link:

Anonymous comments containing personal attacks, name-calling, or of a loud, offensive, or derogatory tone, will be deleted. Exceptions will only be made for comments signed with your full name.

All comments are monitored and must be approved before being posted. You are allowed to express your opinion, but please avoid profanity or personal attacks. If you would like to discuss a comment that is not posted, email

Some readers experience difficulty posting a comment when using Google Chrome as the web browser. It may appear that the comment is sent, but it is never received. It is recommended that you use Firefox or some other web browser if your comments are not appearing for this reason.

Thanks for your contributions and keep them coming!


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  1. Your policy seems reasonable,however,some criticism should be allowed when comments are concerning public figures.They have chosen to put themselves in the public spotlight.If they threaten retaliation against the publication,that should also be published.

  2. I disagree with the prior post. It's like saying that its Ok for post men to be bitten by dogs because they chose to be out in the open. How is it productive to criticize or degrade people? Be a good person to keep this type of forum effective. No need for personal attacks.

    1. Your logic is a bit flawed. A postman shouldn’t be bitten anymore than a policeman shot at or a fireman burned, however if you choose such a profession then you must accept that those dangers exist. If public figures conduct themselves in a manner that invites criticism, then exposure provides the same deterrent as the hangman.
      Criticism is not necessarily meant to degrade or attack, though the recipient may see it as thus.
      If this forum is to be effective then a wider discourse of ideas needs to be allowed, otherwise it remains a place for the compliant to discuss the weather, apple pie and motherhood.
      A format similar to that used by the now defunct N.C.Times would allow a more robust exchange of ideas and I believe attract more contributors to this publication.

  3. Anonymous criticism isn't being curtailed, it's the personal attacks and name calling that are unsubstantiated and mean spirited that should stop. If you don't like someone you should state your case in your criticism, rather than just throwing verbal stones and jabs.

    Perhaps you'd prefer that they link to facebook profiles, or stop allowing anonymous comments at all. Would you still be throwing rocks?

    1. It would seem by your comment you believe the sole reason for commenting anonymously is timidity to take ownership for your remarks. While this may be true in some instances it is not always the case. If a person is publicly known, often times it limits their ability to gather candid information i.e. a food editor dining out to review a restaurant. I fully agree unsubstantiated and mean spirited remarks should not be published; however, verbal stones and jabs are subjective and largely depend on whose ox is being gored for interpretation.



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