City Manager Search Committee to be Appointed Tuesday

Menifee Mayor Scott Mann is scheduled to announce the appointment of an ad hoc committee to search for a new city manager when the city council meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The council's regular meeting was pushed back a week from the original Jan. 15 date because some council members were in Sacramento for a conference.

Two council members will make up the committee to find a replacement for Bill Rawlings, who left the position in November following a change in the council makeup. Rob Johnson, senior manager of community improvement and outreach, has served as interim city manager since then.


  1. This method of selecting a new city manager is not an unbiased open to the public process. All they need to do is restrict the selection to someone acceptable to them and the one that appointed them. When was it decided this selection method would be used?

    1. Perhaps on their trip to Sacramento?