Sun City Concern Receives Grant From So Cal Edison

Southern California Edison recently presented Menifee Sun City Concern a grant for its Outreach and...

Southern California Edison recently presented Menifee Sun City Concern a grant for its Outreach and Reassurance Program.

Raymond Hicks, public affairs regional manager for SCE, presented a check for $5,000 to President Carol “Red” Sullivan at the organization's Oct 22 Board Meeting. The Board of Directors were present and included Vice President Sean Buchanan, Secretary Gayle
Lacey, Treasurer Jack Corlett, and Directors at Large Mary Ann Wagner and Bob Mayfield.

Menifee Sun City Concern was established in the Sun City Area of Menifee in 1973 to
provide services which enable frail and disabled seniors to maintain a safe and secure
life style. The programs that are offered are funded by donations and grants. The Concern is a 501c 3 non-profit organization.

The programs offered free of charge are Information and Referral, Outreach, Registry
Desk, Telephone Reassurance Program and the Gatekeeper Programs. The service providers who are registered with The Concern have a background check before they are referred to the clients. These providers do charge for their services at a discount to seniors.

This grant will be applied to the Outreach and Reassurance Programs, which assist the seniors and disabled with services in their daily living. The Outreach Program receives referrals from families, friends, and neighbors concerning frail, at-risk seniors who are having difficulty with their daily living skills. Trained staff members are able to assess their living skills and health issues to be able to assist them.

For more information regarding Menifee Sun City Concern, visit the website or call 951-679-2374. The Concern is now located at
26842 Cherry Hills Blvd (Event Room) and 26814 Cherry Hills Blvd. (Administration


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