Scott Mann - Mayor's Race is About Public Service Behaviors

The following is a paid political message from Scott Mann for Mayor When you go to your polling pl...

The following is a paid political message from Scott Mann for Mayor

When you go to your polling place Tuesday, ask yourself – How do I want my elected officials to act in public? Who will represent me best?

As Menifee’s Mayor, I will seek council consensus to implement policies that foster accountability, responsiveness and civility. We will try to ensure that the council is participatory, inclusive and fair in its proceedings.

Thomas Jefferson often referred to the term “good government.” In his opinion, a government should be judged by how well it meets its legitimate objectives. For Jefferson, good government was one which “most effectively secures the rights of the people … which promotes their happiness, and also does their will.”

For the last two years the boorish public behavior of some council members has created an acrimonious relationship with the public. Many of these behaviors have been well documented in the press:

The Press-Enterprise
  • 2/08/12 – EDITORIAL: Stifling scrutiny
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  • 11/04/11 – Councilwoman turns back on community
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  • 02/10/12 – Decorum proposals create uproar

Council  Member Kuenzi turns her back on a Menifee resident.

You may have heard the phrase “an officer and a gentleman.” It implies a level of character, honesty and integrity I will strive to bring to your city hall. I hope that it will always exemplify my public service to you. I’d be honored to have your vote for Mayor on Tuesday, November 6th.

EDITORIAL: Roses and Raspberries

“A sour raspberry to Menifee City Councilwoman Darcy Kuenzi for her recent lack of class during a City Council meeting…”