Video Allows Residents to View Menifee Candidates Forum

As promised, here is the complete video of the Sept. 26 candidates forum, sponsored by Menifee 24/7. Viewers can click on each of the four sections of the 90-minute video to watch the opening statements, question and answer session, and closing statements.

It is our hope this will assist those who were unable to attend the forum in making an informed decision heading into the Nov. 6 election. It should also serve as a valuable resource for anyone wishing to review the comments made by the candidates that night.

Part 1

part one from Menifee 24/7 on Vimeo.

Part 2

part two from Menifee 24/7 on Vimeo.

Part 3

part three from Menifee 24/7 on Vimeo.

Part 4

part four from Menifee 24/7 on Vimeo.


  1. The single most important thing I believe came from this forum was the comment made by Sue Kristjansson: that a council must be elected that can work together as a cohesive team. There were many different issues brought forth and opinions expressed by the individual candidates. While the items addressed may be important, none of the solutions offered can happen without a consensus of the majority council. Many new issues will come up in the future that will require the deliberation of a cohesive council to solve. I will make my vote based on how likely a candidate is to be a team member, not what his/her position is on one particular issue. Two of the candidates; one, a current councilman and one, a former council member have demonstrated their inability to work as a team. A third mayoral candidate has shown his willingness to engage the city in controversy by attacking city staff competency and budgeting.
    My vote will be with one who can be a member of a winning team, not who can generate the most negative press.

  2. Thank you for posting these videos! As a white collar professional that commutes to OC every day, I was unable to attend the forum. Reading candidate position statements is one thing, seeing them in person is another. As a result, I have some thinking to do about who will get my vote. This has been quite helpful.