Menifee District 3 Candidate Bill Zimmerman Focused on Family Entertainment

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3 Menife...

The following is a paid political message from Bill Zimmerman for City Council - District 3

Menifee is a wonderful place to live. Our city provides a safe, clean environment to raise a family. Can we make it better? Bill Zimmerman believes we can.

Many parents would like to see more “Family Entertainment” opportunities in Menifee. They often mention sports fields, a Chuck E. Cheese, or a miniature golf arcade.
“We drive to other cities to spend our money for a movie, or to go bowling. Shouldn’t we be circulating our wealth right here in Menifee?” says Zimmerman.

Zimmerman can identify with parents and their needs. Bill and his wife Julie are raising their daughter in Menifee, so he understands the issues that parents face.

“After school programs are key,” says Zimmerman.

Bill currently serves on the ad-hoc committee that is starting the process of establishing a Boys & Girls Club in Menifee.

Bill is also encouraged by recent development projects, such as Audie Murphy Ranch, that
have agreed to construct a neighborhood park with a skate park facility as part of the design.

“It can be a draw for new homebuyers when they see recreational opportunities for their
kids as part of the neighborhood,” said Bill.

“I would also like to see Menifee work toward establishing a Healthy Communities Master Plan,” he said. “We should consider developing a partnership with the Department of Public Health to develop an innovative addition (as a future element) to our General Plan.”

Part of that element would certainly be establishing a community trails network within the city. Bill has worked with the Menifee Trails Advisory Group, made up of local volunteers, to survey every potent