Ridgemoor Elementary Dance Benefits 'Locks of Love'

Ridgemoor Elementary School held a Back to School PTA dance with a twist Friday night – attendees h...

Ridgemoor Elementary School held a Back to School PTA dance with a twist Friday night – attendees had the opportunity to donate their hair to Locks of Love. This non-profit organization is nationally recognized for providing hairpieces to those under 21 who are suffering from medical hair loss.

Denise Bassett, a kindergarten teacher at Ridgemoor, was in charge of putting on this event for the third time. Making her first donation in September of 2007, Denise has decided to continue to hold donations about every 2 and a half years.

“I grow to donate,” she joked. “When my hair starts getting long, I invite the kids at the school to join me in making a donation.”

And join her they did. Friday’s dance ended with 21 full ponytails worth of hair ready to be donated. Among this group were five mother-daughter duo’s. Juliana Lomeli, seen below choosing a new hairstyle off a tablet with her stylist, was able to convince her mother, Monica Lomeli, to donate as well.

“I’m happy to donate, but I hope it looks good afterwards!” Monica exclaimed.

Three local stylists, Treena Kemmerer, Heather Roth and Brenda Ramirez, volunteered their time and skill to make sure those who donated walked away with a stylish new haircut. Each of the women have children who attend Ridgemoor Elementary.

                                                    Liliam Sanchez, a third grader at Ridgemoor,
                                                             wowed the crowd with her 17-inch donation of hair.

“You have to be willing to cut off at least 10 inches of hair,” Roth explained about the Locks of Love policy. “Then we just mail in the ponytail and the organization can make them into wigs!”

Midge James, who was the previous Ridgemoor principal and current principal at the new Herk Bouris Elementary School, was also caught making a donation. James, seen below, was more than ready to make the donation, and “probably won’t even miss the long hair.”
Stylist Heather Roth makes the big cut off of Herk Bouris
principal Midge James' long locks.

To find out more about the Locks of Love organization or how you can make a donation, visit their website, found here.


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