Menifee Resident Seeks To Form Chamber Orchestra

DeAnna DeGeorge retired to Sun City/Menifee several years ago and has since made it her mission to i...

DeAnna DeGeorge retired to Sun City/Menifee several years ago and has since made it her mission to improve the city one project at a time. Her most recent undertaking is to form a Chamber Orchestra from local talent and offer free entertainment to area residents.

She is looking to recruit a conductor, musicians of all ages playing any instrument, and at her request, “Any vocalist who can sing like Pavarotti.” In all seriousness, anyone who is interested is encouraged to help form an official Menifee orchestra.

“There is talent here; let’s pull from it,” she says.

Heritage Lake provides an idyllic setting for an evening performance.

The orchestra will be comprised of volunteers to ensure that all concerts and events are always free to the community. Menifee has so many beautiful outdoor landscapes, she hopes the orchestra could perform adjacent to one of the many lakes.

A city girl originally from LA, DeGeorge dreams big. Not only does she want an orchestra for Menifee to call their own, but also a venue on the hillside for summer concerts on the lawn and theater productions.

In fact, she has even found the perfect place -- a plot of land currently for sale by owner situated in the hills overlooking Sun City somewhere near Murrieta Road and Ridgemoor. “The location would be perfect,” she exclaims.

In listening to DeGeorge excitedly describe her dreams, one can vividly envision the picturesque setting she speaks of: A courtyard of fountains, children sailing toy boats in a pond while classical music gently spews from rock-shaped speakers, a museum to walk through, and of course an elegant restaurant to retire to at the end of a beautiful day.

Anyone interested in helping to actualize and participate in an orchestra for Menifee should contact DeAnna DeGeorge via email at


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