Menifee's Elevate Fitness Studio Gives Nurmela New Life

When he started working out at Elevate Fitness studio in Menifee, Denis Nurmela could barely do one ...

When he started working out at Elevate Fitness studio in Menifee, Denis Nurmela could barely do one push-up. Now he's doing sets of push-ups with a 30-pound weight on his back.

What's more, Nurmela has lost much of the weight that kept him from doing the ordinary things most people take for granted. Thanks to the resistance training program developed by Paul David and his staff, Nurmela is now active again and on his way to leading a more productive life.

He's one of the success stories of Elevate Fitness, where clients work out with exercise devices such as the TRX. Developed in the Navy Seals program, TRX Suspension Training uses body weight exercise to develop strength, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility and core stability.

"Tying my shoes used to be a chore," Nurmela wrote in a recent thank you letter to David. "Climbing stairs took my breath away and trying to pass up sweets took a large dose of willpower.

"Well, now I’m feeling so much stronger. I can climb stairs now -- sometimes just because I want to -- and I think twice, even three times, before skimping on my healthy eating habits. I don’t want to waste a workout on a dumb doughnut or piece of cake. No way!"

Nurmela says he has taken in his belt four notches and has reduced several clothing sizes. David credits this in part to his client's great attitude in sticking with this revolutionary program.

"The best part about Denis is his attitude," David said. "The guy is always looking to push just a little bit more each time and is such an encouragement to our other clients. He's our loudest grunter, but I love the way he pushes himself. He even starts thanking us when we push him harder ... and now that attitude is circulating through the studio."

"You have taught me some of the most important techniques that have really propelled
me further," Nurmela told David. "No more roaming around the gym trying to figure out what machine to get on or what the correct technique is for a specific exercise. I’ve been so pleased to learn how to work out without machines, using my own body weight for the majority of the work."

Nurmela's is just one of many success stories taking place at Elevate Fitness, located next to the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce on New Hub Drive.

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