City Council to Consider City Beautification Projects Tonight

Menifee city officials are scheduled to consider several items designed to create additional amenities and beautification for the city -- one of the objectives identified in a recent strategic planning session.

In their regular meeting at City Hall tonight at 7, city council members will consider a proposal to acquire Canyon Heights Park, located on Canyon Heights Drive in the northwest area of Menifee, just below the community of Quail Valley.

Additional park space on the west side of Interstate 215 has been identified as a key part of the city's beautification plan. The Canyon Heights HOA Park has offered the park to the city for free, allowing the city to rehabilitate the area and increase visually appealing recreation areas.

Also on the agenda is a proposal to consider a tree planting program, in which grants and local business partnerships would be pursued to help fund this beautification project.

Council is also scheduled to vote on approval for an agreement with Atkins North American, Inc. for Newport Road Widening Design Services in the amount of $110,000.


  1. What a waste of time and money. We need the TRAFFIC problems addressed and resolved before anything else.

    1. The City is taking steps to fix traffic. There are many things the City can and is doing to improve our community! They can address multiple things at the same time.
      Thank you City Council and staff for all the work you are doing to make our City better.

  2. Canyon Heights Park, located on Canyon Heights Drive in the northwest area of Menifee, This would be an excellent area to consider for a Park..Ample parking space and the park is about 90%, basket ball, and soccer can be a few of the activities...if a clubhouse/snack bar is built it can be used for fund raisers for our kids baseball and soccer teams.. this park is being donated and has about 12 acres of usable land. The Northwest families have to go to other parks which have a heavy schedule to try and do sports and activities. City of Menifee is starting to shine it's light for it's community.

  3. Wonderful news! The Canyon Heights Park is in a great location and like the other poster mentioned, it's nearly complete and ready for use. I hope the council gives serious consideration to this proposal.