Can You Help Provide Rides for Students in These Areas?

The Menifee Rides program -- a cooperative effort between Menifee parents and other residents to help transport students to school -- has some specific needs for drivers in a few of our areas.

If you drive your child to and or/from one of these schools and have an extra seat in your car, please leave a comment here or send an email to Even if you simply live one of the areas listed and could provide a ride to and/or from school for a child who needs it, we would appreciate your help.

The ideal situation would be to coordinate more carpools involving parents who already drive their children to school and have room to take another student in exchange for a day off now and then. This is what Menifee Rides is designed for -- to help facilitate the process for those who don't have access to a school bus.

Here are our immediate needs for drivers:

Paloma Valley High School: Student lives near Murrieta Road and Ridgemoor Road.

Paloma Valley High School: Student lives near Scott Road and Menifee Road. (p.m. drop-off only)

Menifee Valley Middle School: Student lives near Bradley Road and La Piedra Road.

Heritage High School: One student lives near Menifee Road and Newport Road. Another student lives near Heritage Lake Drive and Rushing Water.

Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary: Student lives between Holland Road and Craig Ave. (p.m. drop-off only)

Chester Morrison Elementary: Student lives near Bradley Road and La Piedra Road. (p.m. drop-off only).

Mesa View Elementary: Student needs p.m. drop-off only.

If you can fill one of these needs, please let us know. If you have an urgent need for a ride for your child, contact us. Just remember, we can only provide as many rides as we have drivers for.

If you are attending a Back to School Night tonight, please share this information with others. Thank you.


  1. I have a female student looking for morning ride to Paloma Valley. I can pickup in the afternoons. We live at Menifee and Holland. Please let me know if you have anything available. Thank you!