'Menifee Rides' Project Builds Up Steam

The "Menifee Rides" project is starting to build momentum. The idea -- explained here ...

The "Menifee Rides" project is starting to build momentum. The idea -- explained here if you missed it -- is to pull together as a community to get our kids to school, bus or no bus. So far, the proposal has been well received.

On Tuesday, it was time to announce our intentions to the Menifee Union School Board.

Some of you look at these board members as the people who put you in this mess by drastically reducing Menifee's school bus routes. Think what you want. All I know is, this financial mess goes way beyond anything Menifee School Board members could have done or could do now. Hey, we're talking California budget cuts here. Get it?

It's time to do our part and pitch in, not sit back and complain about uncontrollable factors. So there I was Tuesday afternoon, at the podium, explaining to the board members what Menifee Rides is all about.

I can't say I was looking for a vote of support. Officially, they can't give me one. If the school board publicly endorses such an action, it would be liable for anything that might happen. But you know what? In speaking with several of the board members after the meeting, I heard no one say they DON'T like the idea.

How could you not? City council members I've spoken to have expressed similar positive reactions. For all of us as residents of Menifee, it's time to put up or shut up. Stop whining and jump on the bandwagon. Shed your coat of apathy and put on your driving gear.

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Send me an email with either your transportation needs for your children, your willingness to help, or both. We need volunteer drivers as well as help in coordinating carpool efforts at each school. We need more ideas.

Email me, Facebook me, talk to me on the street ... whatever. I'm here to help. Are you?

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  1. Sex offenders need not apply, you better check your drivers against Megan law site

  2. I totally agree!!! Background checks mandatory just like a regular employee if a school, even though we see how well that works. In a perfect world, this is a great idea. Would someone really want the liability of being a driver for anyone's children other than your own, or maybe close friends? Funny how peoples minds turn to $$ in a time of crisis.

  3. This will fail. Here is a better idea, cut spending for illegal aliens and their families istead of legal tax payers and their children. Good luck but at best this evert will help less than 5 percent of the overall and then it will as aforementioned, fail. You may call it whining. I call it speaking the truth.

  4. Previous post. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I forget "illegal aliens" are the cause for every fiscal and social problem we are currently facing. I'm sure if we eradicate spending on this group everything will be rectified. Now for those homosexuals...