This Elevate Fitness Studio Client Made a Positive Change

Dr. Lynda Molstad poses with her trainer, Gonzalo Perez, inside Elevate Fitness Studio. Dr. Lynda ...

Dr. Lynda Molstad poses with her trainer, Gonzalo Perez, inside Elevate Fitness Studio.
Dr. Lynda Molstad, a Menifee dentist, didn't keep the success story to herself when she began to get in shape by working out at Elevate Fitness Studio.

She got her entire office staff involved.

Seeing the benefits of her training program and nutrition counseling at Elevate Fitness, Molstad convinced her office employees to join in her an eight-week fitness challenge. Soon, everyone in the office was reaping the benefits of the studio's rigorous resistance weight training program.

Since she joined Elevate Fitness studio, Molstad has lost 35 pounds and no longer suffers from knee and foot pain. For her 48th birthday recently, she ran a half-marathon, racing across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

"It felt great," Molstad said. "I had no pain at all. Exercise truly is the fountain of youth."

Paul David, owner of Elevate Fitness Studio, is as impressed with Molstad's ability to motivate others as he is with her personal progress.

"She's such a positive person," he said. "Her attitude is very supportive of others, which shows in the fact she signed up her whole office. Here's a living example of somebody who set a resolution and stuck with it."

To David, Molstad is the epitome of the name of his studio.

"It's what's in a name," he said. "To me, elevate means everything from raising yourself to a higher level to raising other people's spirits."

An active athlete in gymnastics, track and field and dance in her childhood, Molstad had slowed as she got older. When she came into Elevate Fitness Studio, she could barely do one pushup. Now, she can do pushups with a 30-pound sandbag on her back.

"I still remember the day Gonzalo told me we were going to transform my body," Molstad said, referring to her trainer, Gonzalo Perez. "At that point, I was at 205 pounds. I am so grateful to Paul and the wonderful staff at Elevate."

"Lynda deserved a lot of the credit for doing it on her own," David said. "She made a lot of nutritional changes that were up to her to do. The weight loss was more a byproduct of everything she was doing. She increased her energy and reduced the pain."

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