Ameriprise Financial Breaks Down Risk Management

Ameriprise Financial advisors, Ivette and Jeremy Taylor, offer their clients a long list of integra...

Ameriprise Financial advisors, Ivette and Jeremy Taylor, offer their clients a long list of integrated services all choreographed to ensure peace of mind concerning their financial future.

Unlike many financial planners who simply meet with clients to read through an incomprehensible statement of monetary jargon, the Taylors break it down into meaningful terms that each individual can apply to their own situation.

One of the unique amenities that these two advisers provide to their clients is a quarterly meeting on a specified topic of interest. The most recent quarter covered the broad gamut of risk management with the goal being to benefit the client with additional information they may otherwise overlook.

In opening the discussion of risk management Jeremy says, “I start by asking, what is your definition of risk? And what does risk mean to you? We want to help people plan for the unexpected by showing them the potential for these unplanned situations.”

They help regular people put together a picture of what plan a.) could be: The optimum situation in which your life runs according to plan and your finances resultably run smoothly.

Then there is the preparation for plan b.) In which life can go better or worse than planned, and how planning your finances for what-if will help to ensure you are still okay either way.

Ivette says, “We help people ask themselves the questions they don’t think about. Nothing is guaranteed so we can’t ignore the hard questions.” In doing so Ameriprise can help plan for each individual’s ultimate end goal, and plan how they are going to get there.

So ask yourself, do you feel you have covered all of your risk management gaps? Do you even know where these gaps are in your coverage?

How do you plan to cover your gap in medical coverage between the time you retire and age 65?

In asking these difficult questions, Ivette and Jeremy hope to shed an insightful peek at what you should plan for long before it comes time to retire.

How can they help you?

29826 Haun Road, Suite 206
Menifee, CA 92586
(951) 679.2222
Website: Jeremy/ Ivette


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